Celebrate what exactly? It’s All Terrain’s 23rd birthday.

The month of June is super exciting here at All Terrain. No, it’s not because it’s finally summer. But isn’t it nice, to finally have a nice break from all the snow? Wait, we’re getting sidetracked… 

Back on topic, this month we’re celebrating one of the most, dare we say, special birthdays. It’s All Terrain’s GOLDEN birthday!! (Sorry, Ryan. His birthday is also in June.)

June 23rd marks the 23rd anniversary of All Terrain Grounds Maintenance. While there’s a lot that has happened in All Terrain history. We want to share some of the bigger things that we’ve done and what we consider a win in our playbook. If you know of All Terrain, you know how important our team values are to us (Ryan says so himself here) so I’m going to list them here below, in case YOU forgot them.

#1 Be Real

#2 Team

#3 Customer Experience

#4 Give Back

Though all values are equally as important, there’s one that is extra special today and that is our give back value. Whenever we do anything that is give back related, you can’t help but get the feeling of magic in the air, like Christmas time.

We just recently completed our latest project and are already getting ready to begin our next.

But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Park Christian School | 2010/11

We landscaped the area out front in the entrance and helped with their football field irrigation system.

Bethel Church | 2010

We installed the center island by adding plants to make their entrance inviting. If you look at it through an aerial shot, you can see a cross shape outline.

Prairie Heights Community Church | 2016

Our team took the project of giving back to Prairie Heights Community Church by helping them at their new location. We helped by installing their trees, and shrubs, and installing their sprinkler system.

All Terrain Field at Tharaldson Little League Complex  |  2016

This is a fun field that All Terrain sponsors and maintains. It has a green monster (just like Fenway Park, but smaller) and this is typically where the championship games are held when Tharaldson Little League Complex hosts tournaments.

The ATTIC (All Terrain Training Indoor Center) | 2017

Fall 2017 was the beginning of the ATTIC project, it’s been one of our lengthier projects. This is one that we were on as the project manager, had the naming rights which was super fun to be able to do, along with time and labor.

Starion Field at Tharaldson Baseball Park | 2019

Our team took on as a project manager to help get Starion Field ready to open their fields, we installed sod, installed the irrigation systems, and revamped the fields’ clubhouse.

Photo Credit: FMCVB

Brunsdale Field | 2020

All Terrain helped by installing the irrigation system on their fields. Now the fields should be lush and ready to host games for the kids.


Watering Tip: Water deeply and infrequently, to get an average of 1-1.5′ of water per week. (Will need to water more in hotter, above average temps.)

Jack Williams Stadium | 2022

This is the newest project we’ve completed where we gave Jack Williams Stadium a makeover. We replaced signage throughout the stadium, revamped the team’s clubhouse making it more accommodating to the team players, updated their awards, created an area to showcase records and past awards dating back to the first year of Post 2 baseball, and gutted and redid the bullpen for the pitchers to warm up. We also donated a riding lawn mower specifically for baseball fields to help keep the lawn looking good throughout the season.

These are some of the larger projects that we’ve done and we are proud to have given back to help community organizations. Giving back is something that we’re proud to do. In fact, we also have 2 different programs set up. One that is annually and one that we try to honor as they come in.

The first was created in 2014 and is our Employee Give Back Program. Annually our full-time employees are given X amount to donate to a charity or a cause of their choice. With how big Giving Hearts Day has become, we now hold this event on the same day to help maximize the amount of money being donated with those that match donations.

We like being able to pass on good deeds and wanted to expand how we give back even more, and this created our Spray It Forward program in 2018 which extends to giving back to people in our community directly. This program allows our active customers to nominate friends or family that live in the area that are going through hard times to receive our services free of charge. We get that sometimes if you’re going through a major life event, it will take time to get all your ducks in a row.

Stay tuned to see how we continue giving back to our community. Follow the link here if you have someone in mind that you would like to “Spray it forward” to.