Don’t you love being a part of something fun? Hey, so do we! We’re talking about more than a coincidental fun day of work here and there. We mean a day or event that is fully dedicated to being fun for the team. There are two rules for these kinds of days, 1: You must have fun. 2. Do not talk about work. Odds are if they aren’t clocked in, the last thing they will want to do is start chatting about a work project. You can talk about it when Monday morning rolls around.

As a business we know it’s important to take a step back, have some fun with the team, and show appreciation for them. Nothing creates a stronger bond than shared trauma or fun memories. Hopefully, the bond that is holding your team together is fun memories, not bad ones. People need to have fun with coworkers, outside of work, to get to know each other. It’s important to get to know the people you spend most of your days with.

Some of the fun stuff we do around here in the summa summa time, a couple of days ago actually was our All Terrain family night at the RedHawks game. Our whole staff is invited and encouraged to bring their family or a plus one, and are given HawkBucks to allow everyone to have dinner and drinks on the house.

The night we all go out to the game; we are also the business sponsor for the night. It makes it a little more fun to cheer the team on when we’ve pledged $500 to New Life Center for every RedHawks base hit. There’s typically a lot of cheering involved. Sometimes it’s easier to make it to first base than it is home plate, so as long as there are a handful of base hits, we’re happy.

The next day, with perfect planning, of course, is what we call All Terrain Day. It’s a day where we also spend time outdoors. But it’s okay because you know what they say, life is better at the lake. Anyone who wants to have a lake day is invited to Ryan’s house. It’s always fun to see how daring everyone is when it comes to tubing or wakeboarding, to see how good everyone is at bags, or who would rather people watch.

One thing we highly enjoy doing is having grill-out sessions, there’s nothing homier than firing up the grill, chatting, and catching up. All the divisions have different starting and end-of-day times where it’s tough to have everyone meet up at once without stopping work altogether, this is for people to enjoy as they come and go, but it’s always fun to see the mixture of people who end up at a table together, laughing while eating their brats and chips.

When your team is in a great mood, there’s always a good reason to celebrate. Maybe it’s because the team finished a spray route before it was expected, we’re halfway through the season or even just because it’s Friday. One of our core values is team, and as our most important asset, we invest in their growth and development as team members and individuals. This is why also focus on having fun events or breaks for the team. We have a great culture and great people. If we all have to be at work, why not make it fun?

All we can say is that if work isn’t fun, you’re doing it wrong.


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