Employee Referral Program

Instead of us paying the middle man (Facebook-sponsored posts, Instagram Ad, Indeed Ads, billboard companies, radio ads, etc.) to have ads running, we want to give the money directly to YOU.

All Terrain has implemented an employee referral program that benefits, our current employees and even past employees. If you (a CURRENT or PAST All Terrain employee) refer a family member, friend, or acquaintance to apply at All Terrain and they have listed you as a referral on their application form, you will be entitled to some additional money every pay period until your referral is no longer employed with us, if your employment has been terminated or if you leave on bad terms.


– Receive $250 per pay period if you refer a friend, family or acquaintance to join our team.
– Must be employed at All Terrain for this offer to be $250/paycheck.
– If the referring person leaves but the person referred remains employed, the amount drops from $250/paycheck to $50/paycheck.

– Must work 30 hours per pay period.


– Receive $3 per hour for every hour your referee works.  Example: If Lloyd refers Harry to work at All Terrain, and Harry worked 15 hours. Lloyd will receive an additional $45 on his paycheck that pay period.

– Plus a $15 attaboy per referral.


– Receive $50 per pay period as long as your referee is working 30 hours a pay period.

Join Our Team So You Can Start Referring Today!