In the photo above, only one of the lawns is using our weed control and fertilizer applications. Can you tell which one?

Immediate reaction is to Google, “How to get a nice lawn”

The top answer that you’ll see is, “feed your lawn”.

Now what is that, and how do you do it?

First things first, you will not be giving your lawn a Venti Starbucks coffee or breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s, all you’ll want is a fertilizing treatment plan in place.

Do you want your lawn to be the most gorgeous, green lawn in the neighborhood? A lawn that makes you want to run around barefoot? No shoes? Not a problem! You’re not going to be stepping on weeds anyway.

Now how exactly can we get your lawn to that level of amazingness?

Easy, let’s talk about our spray options here at All Terrain. We have custom blended environmentally friendly formulas consisting of three key ingredients: A nitrogen-based, phosphorus-free fertilizer, a family-friendly broadleaf weed killer, and an iron compound designed to deepen the green color of your lawn.

We have 3 customized treatment plans that can fit the needs of any lawn. We can spray your lawn up to 4 times a season to keep it weed-free. We do ask that you stay off your lawn until it’s dry. (Typically, we say about 3-4 hours to be safe.) Once it’s dry, it’s safe for your family to continue using the lawn as they typically would, including your furry, four-legged friends.

All of our plans include a spring (typically May) and fall (September or early October) application.  (Our minimum plan is 2 applications.)

This does leave a gap in when weeds can grow, which is why we offer different plans that have more spray applications in the season. We have a 3-app program, which happens to be our most popular plan. This one receives, as you guessed it a third application (usually mid-June or early July). This helps knock out any broadleaf weeds that could potentially grow in between the spring and fall.

For our committed waterers or those with irrigation systems, we have a 4-app program that is sprayed in the hottest months of the summer (early to mid-August), that is why it is only recommended for those who have an irrigation system in place. Why is that important? Well not watering your lawn, in the hottest months of the year AND having it fertilized can cause your lawn to burn.


Perks of Fertilizing Your Lawn:

  • They supplement the soil with needed nutrients
  • Grass uses nutrients to repair the damage done by normal wear and mowing.
  • Will strengthen your grassroots so they can quickly absorb more water than unhealthy roots.
  • Well-nourished plants have deep strong roots and are less likely to be affected by weeds.
  • Your lawn looks beautiful. *chef’s kiss*