Anybody can cut grass. But at All-Terrain, mowing is near and dear to our hearts – it’s how we built this business to become Fargo’s Lawn Care Leaders.

Our highly trained teams work artfully and efficiently to mow all grass areas, line trim around all fences, landscape borders, trees and objects, and blow clippings from concrete areas for a clean, tidy, finished product.

Our secret to a perfect mow? We care about the details. In fact, we keep a detailed checklist of the “little things” we do to make your lawn look its best.


The “Little Things” you should expect from a professional mowing service:

  1.  We’re mindful of your property. We pick up gutters and sump pump hoses prior to mowing and put them back when done.
  1. We’re neat freaks about your lawn. The All-Terrain team scopes out the lawn and picks up litter before they mow.
  1. We use three-point turns instead of zero turning with the mowers. Zero turning can cause lawn damage, which is unacceptable for a professional company.
  1. Rain or shine, we’re on time. All-Terrain schedules 4-day mowing weeks so we stay on schedule even if we have a rain day or holiday.
  1. Flexible scheduling. We talk with you ahead of time to schedule your optimal mowing day and you can always text, call, or email us if you need to reschedule for any reason.
  1. We’ll never risk your lawn. Because of our 4-day week mowing schedule, we don’t have to worry about getting behind. The good news for you is that means we can wait to mow your lawn until conditions are right.
  1. We’ll always be upfront and honest. The price is established ahead of time and billing occurs consistently and on time. You’ll never see hidden fees such as a gas surcharge. The price is the price. No surprises.
  1. We’re prepared for the worst. All equipment will eventually break down, but that is never an excuse at All-Terrain. We are meticulous about our equipment maintenance and always have backup machines ready to go.
  1. A solid team, all year round. All-Terrain focuses on hiring year-round personnel so that there are no staff shortages at any time of the year.
  1. Professionalism, top to bottom. Our trucks and team members are easily identifiable, and are continuously trained to ensure a professional appearance and finished product. We clean up after ourselves and have strict policies against smoking and swearing while on your property.