As your lawn matures, your soil tends to settle, compact and harden. This keeps water and nutrients from soaking down into the soil, which keeps those vital ingredients from reaching your lawn’s root system.

Core aeration relieves the compaction of your soil by putting 2-3″ holes in your turf so that water and nutrients can reach the root system, restoring a healthy environment for root development and oxygen exchange.

An aeration improves

  • Oxygen exchange from soil to atmosphere for healthier roots
  • Healthy roots below ground which is critical for a healthy lawn
  • Treatment effectiveness by increasing fertilizer’s ability to reach the root system
  • Lawn longevity by increasing your turf’s tolerance to heat, drought, and disease
  • Overseeding effectiveness by allowing direct contact to the soil
This is a spring and fall service.

Power Raking + Dethatching

Thatch is the dead grass debris that builds up on the top layer of your soil that prevents your lawn from fully absorbing fertilizers and nutrients from the sun. Excess amounts of thatch can limit your grass’ ability to grow into the gorgeous lawn we all deserve and can also lead to lawn disease if not treated properly.

  • Dethatching is typically recommended for lawns with mild thatch.
  • Power Raking is typically recommended for lawns with severe amounts of thatch build-up and dead or almost dead lawns.
Both are spring service.

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups

Our clean up services, in spring and fall, include cleaning out your landscaped beds and picking up leaves, debris, but we can cut down perennials, clean out window wells, and much more.


This is a great way to make an immediate impact on your property’s curb appeal. This includes cutting the excess grass and debris away from sidewalks, driveways, and streets to ensure clean, straight pavement lines, and a professionally manicured look.

This service is done mid-summer.

Edging around landscape beds must be requested. 

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