In 1991, a young man, who loved to work outside, had a desire to earn some extra money and wanted a job with flexibility.  Ryan Such, then 16 years old, handed out fliers in his neighborhood that advertised mowing. He started with five mowing accounts, and those also became snow accounts.  Throughout 1993-1998, those five accounts expanded to about 20 accounts.  A couple of days a week, Ryan also worked for All Terrain.  In 1999, Ryan and his wife Jen, purchased All-Terrain, combining its 30 accounts with Ryan’s 20 accounts.

Initially, All Terrain only provided mowing and snow removal services.  However, Ryan saw a need to become more full-service for the customer.  All Terrain soon added weed control and fertilization services, and a couple of years later added shrub trimming, edging, and irrigation services.  Now All-Terrain offers online account management, automatic bill pay, and we manage several social media pages.

All-Terrain began in a humble 1,000 square-foot facility and with a couple of buildings along the way, in November 2013, we moved into our brand new 24,000 square-foot facility. We are excited about these numbers and our past, but going forward we have gone all-in on a commitment to our four values:  Be Real, Customer Experience, Team, and Give Back.

The decisions that are made in our company are all made through the lenses of these four values.  We don’t allow team members to smoke or swear on job sites because of our Team and Customer Experience values.  We have committed to giving back 3% of our revenue to area non-profits.  And then there is the Be Real value that encourages our Team to provide candid, thoughtful feedback to other Team members and customers so that we do not oversell them.  Mowing lawns and pushing snow is a simple task, but doing that while adhering to our four values is our mission.  We hope going forward that we will continue to become a better company and one about which you would be proud to tell a friend.

Thank you to all of you who have made our story possible.  We are excited about the unwritten pages, and we hope we can earn your trust so we can be a part of that together.  We are all in!