Out Front and Walker Give Back 

Some of you may know about our sister company, Out Front Power Company. It’s literally located in the same building here as All Terrain Grounds Maintenance. It’s a lawn care and landscaping equipment dealership, mainly for commercial and large residential accounts. 

Just like Coachella or the Super Bowl, we’re changing our headliners. This year, Out Front Power Equipment and Walker Mowers, are leading our employee Pay It Forward Program. 

Our companies, Out Front Power and All Terrain, have committed to giving back 3% of our top-line revenue to a number of local groups in our community through our employee ‘pay it forward’ and our customer ‘spray it forward’ programs.

Our employee Pay It Forward program is typically lined up with Giving Hearts Day to maximize our donation dollars. There are many charities in our area that do great things that need help, whether it’s volunteering time or monetary donations. In the month of February, we help the community by donating on Giving Hearts Day. 

The Pay it Forward program is geared toward our full-time employees. They’re able to pick any charitable organization of their choosing. This year we asked our team, what made them pick their chosen charities and their responses gave us a good reminder of why it’s important to give back. You never know what someone is going through or what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes.

This year we were able to give back $8,092 just through our employee pay it forward program. We’re excited to see much more our team will be able to help and give back through our Spray it forward program, volunteering, sponsorships, and other donations throughout the year. 


Watch the video below or click-thru to see what everyone had to say about giving back.


I chose Kamp KACE because it’s a safe, rewarding, and memorable camp experience for school-aged kids with cancer and their siblings. It’s a great place to help kids feel like kids. It’s awesome to have a nonprofit that give kids going through something large, a childhood experience.

– Aaron


I am choosing HERO (Health Equipment Recycling Organization), an organization that was formed by a group of nurses. Their mission gives back locally and globally while also helping environmentally by recycling thousands of pounds of reusable medical supplies.

– Ann

Jessy's Toy Box

I wanted to donate to Jessy’s Toybox because they give toys to kids that are in the hospital going through infusions and other treatments. Kids should have a little excitement in their tough times and toys can help provide that.

– Ben

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley

This year I am choosing the Ronald McDonald house because when I was a newborn infant, I had to spend some time there and they helped me get through that hard part of early life and helped my parents so now I’d like to give back and help somebody else.

– Brandon

The Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation

The Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation mission is “Providing Veterans a safe space to connect and heal.” They work hard to provide Veterans and their families with information and opportunities to sustain a happy, fulfilling life. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often suffered in silence and they help the veteran and their family understand everything around it. My dad is a veteran and still in the military and I’ve seen firsthand what it’s like coming home from a deployment. Life can seem very different for them adjusting back to life at home. So I like to give back to military/veteran forward charities because we should be taking care of the people who fight for and defend our freedom.


ND Veterans Cemetery Foundation

I am choosing ND Veterans Cemetery Foundation because my wife works at the VA and this is an important cause in our area.  


GiGi's Playhouse

I’m choosing Gigi’s Playhouse because I like that they work with kids, adults, and family members and they help with different programs for the community.

– Esther

Fargo Optimist Club

I am choosing to donate to the Fargo Optimist Club in honor of my brother. He was heavily involved in the Optimist Club which serves to benefit the youth and our community.


4 Luv of Dog Rescue

Every year I like to give back to an animal rescue because animals have always been near and dear to me.



Haven helps families who are grieving the loss of a child. They provide care packages and healing events to give families a sense of community to know they are not alone in their journey. As a mother of 3, I do not know the pain of losing a child, however, I do know many that have and can not fathom what they are going through.



I was blessed to have a good childhood so it touches me personally to have organizations help those whose lives are touched by cancer.


Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

I chose the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch because I like how they help our youth become successful.


Soul Solutions

I chose Soul Solutions as they’re a growing recovery center for adults looking to break the cycle of addiction and turn their lives around. They offer a number of programs and even have a coffee shop!


Cats Cradle Shelter

I chose Cats Cradle for my give back because I used to volunteer there when I was younger.


Boy Scouts of America Northern Lights Council

As a wife of an Eagle Scout, and with all of our friends and family in the Boy Scouts, I am donating my percentage to the Boy Scouts of America Northern Lights Council.


Homeward Animal Shelter

I have always loved animals and I want abandoned animals to find loving homes.


Homeward Animal Shelter

I chose to give back to Homeward Animal Shelter because my family loves pets. We’ve fostered a number of cats and a couple of dogs from there and it’s been a great experience for my kids. We foster them until they get adopted so it’s just been a really fun experience with Homeward Animal Shelter.