Name something that shines brighter than a sundog in February. We’ll wait.

You got it. It’s All Terrain’s employee Pay It Forward program.

Here at All Terrain, we have committed to giving back 3% of our top-line revenue to a number of local groups in our community through our employee ‘pay it forward’ and through our customer ‘spray it forward’ programs.

Our employee Pay It Forward program is typically lined up with Giving Hearts Day to maximize our donation dollars. There are many charities in our area that do great things that need help, whether it’s volunteering time or monetary donations. In the month of February, we help the community by donating on Giving Hearts Day.

The Pay it Forward program is geared toward our full-time employees. They’re able to pick any charitable organization of their choosing. This year we decided to ask them, what made you pick them and their responses gave us a good reminder of why it’s important to give back. You never know what someone is going through or what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes.

This year we were able to give back $7, 254 just through our employee pay it forward program. We’re excited to see much more our team will be able to help and give back through our Spray it forward program, volunteering, sponsorships, and other donations.


Watch the video below or click-thru to see what everyone had to say about giving back.


Ann gives to HERO which stands for Health Equipment Recycling Organization.  They were formed by a group of nurses that found it abhorrent the amount of medical equipment that was getting thrown away mostly due to sanitization regulations.

They have 2 locations in town where they sell equipment and they also ship medical supplies (including syringes and medicine) to Haiti every year.  It ends up being a large shipment that I believe they air lift into the most needy areas. Ann has volunteered for them in the past so she has a soft spot for their mission!

– Ann

Fix It Forward Ministry

I like the way they help the community and one of my relatives works there too!

– Brandon

Veterans Honor Flight of ND/MN

My dad was in the military and I chose to give back to veterans like him.

– Brennan

DMF Marv Bossart Parkinson's Foundation

I chose the DMF Marv Bossart Parkinson’s Foundation in honor of my dad who was recently diagnosed.

– Darcy

4 Luv of Dog Rescue

I have been fostering dogs from them and I like what they do. 

– Drake

Hopeful Heart Project

Hopeful Heart Project helps families who are grieving the loss of a child.  They provide care packages, healing events and give families a sense of community to know they are not alone in their journey.  As a mother of 3, I do not know the pain of losing a child, however, I do know many that have and can not fathom what they are going through.  I am happy to support an organization that helps support and build one another up.

– Jaslynn


I was blessed to have a good childhood so it touches me personally to have organizations help those whose lives are touched by cancer. 

– Jon

Homeward Animal Shelter

My family and I have recently helped foster a few animals from Homeward Animal and it’s been a great experience for us all. It’s been interesting explaining to our children that we’re helping the community and the animals in need by fostering the animals and then having to give them back so they can go to their forever homes.

– Sam

4 Luv of Dogs Rescue

I like to help out animals when I can.

– Simeon

Dickinson Public Library

I like that I’m able to help my hometown community through Giving Hearts Day all the way from Fargo.

– Steve