“Thatch” is the dead debris on the top layer of your soil that can prevent your lawn from fully absorbing fertilizers and nutrients from the sun. 

Excess amounts of thatch build-up can lead to more serious problems. In addition to limiting your grass’ ability to grow, and preventing it to get the nutrients it needs, it can lead to lawn disease if not addressed properly.

In order to keep your lawn’s thatch under control, we offer two services: Dethatching and Power Raking. Both of these services are performed in a short, approximately two-week window in the spring.


Dethatching works best for lawns with a mild thatch problem. You might have a hunch that your lawn isn’t absorbing fertilizer or other elements properly, and you want a quick solution to turn things around before you spend any more money on lawn treatments. Most lawns fall into this category, and it is our most common thatch-eliminating service.

This service is accomplished by using fixed tines on the front of a riding mower. It’s a little gentler on the lawn than power raking, and because it can be done with a riding mower, it is a fast, efficient, and less expensive than power raking.

Power Raking


Power raking is recommended for lawns that have significant thatch buildup and dead or almost-dead lawns. This service is done with an engine-powered hand rake. In cases where power raking is recommended, we aggressively dig out the thatch with these power tools and then pick up the raked thatch using a bagging mower.