Landscape Maintenance

A first impression is important. And when a friend, coworker, or professional client arrives at your home or business, your landscaping is the first thing that greets them. While a beautiful landscape adds value to a property and conveys a sense of pride, intense landscaping can be a lot for one person or business to maintain. Most companies shy away from small projects and landscape maintenance, but our team specializes in it.

We staff ISA Certified Arborists, master gardeners, and NDSU Pro-horticulturists so you can be confident that your projects are handled professionally.


Trees, Shrubs + Perennials

Our team can install, remove/replace, or rejuvenate your greenery to help maintain your beautiful landscape.

This includes:

  • Pruning – This service is done in the trees dormant season to remove dead, dying, diseased, and damaged branches. It is to help maintain the trees health. 
  • Trimming – This service is mainly done for cosmetic reasons, it helps keep any unruly or overgrowth on plants under control to keep them looking uniform and neat.
  • Rejuvenation – This service is performed on old, neglected shrubs to cut out dead branches and reduce the shrub to a reasonable, healthy height.
  • Hand watering new installations

We don’t prune or trim trees larger than 12 ft. 

Aeration + Overseed

It’s one of the best kept secrets in great lawn care. Whether you’d like a standard core aeration to create plugs in the ground to allow your lawn to absorb air, nutrients and to uncompact the soil. Or an aeration WITH an overseed to give the seed direct contact with the soil to encourage the seed to germinate properly.

Weed Removal

We can help remove weeds from your landscaped beds to keep them looking clean. We offer different plans to fit your lawns needs.


Mulch Rejuvenation

Is your mulch not as appealing as it used to be? We can match and top-dress with a fresh layer to restore that crisp finished look.

To keep your mulch looking great, our team cultivates existing mulch (kind of like composting), allowing it to decompose and release nutrients back to any surrounding plants. 

Some benefits are:

  • Conserving soil moisture to reduce water usage
  • Keeping weeds at bay
  • Providing your landscaped areas a finished appearance

Is The Service You're Looking For Missing?

Let us know about the service you’re interested in. It may be something that isn’t requested often but we’re able to do. Please know that we do not install hardscapes: such as concrete, bricks, stones, and concrete edging. As well as foundation grading.