Snow Removal

We know that snow events can be somewhat stressful. This is why we find it important to keep in contact with our guests who are signed up for our snow removal services. We send texts prior to dispatches so you can know our plan to clear the snow.

Our snow removal services are by contract and because of this we do not take on one-time snow removals. Our team has set lists to get to our customers in a timely manner. We limit our schedule to prioritize our customers as best as we can. Each of our team members is assigned to their specific route so you always have someone who is familiar with your property at your home or business.


Our snow agreement includes up to three visits per snow event.

Our first visit will be to simply open up your driveway.

  • This will enable you to get to work, the grocery store, or wherever you may need to go.

The second stop is to do a full clearing.

  • This does include sidewalks and your front entrance.

Our final stop is to clean up the plow ridge at the end of the driveway.

More reasons to hire All Terrain:

      • We have snow blowers of all sizes, if you would like your driveway snow blown, this can be an option if you’d prefer
      • We can blow back piles of snow to maintain fields of vision
      • Sanding + salting makes your driveways and sidewalks safer
      • Back up equipment + mechanics on our team to eliminate delays in service

We do not take on one-time snow removals or perform snow removal services in Moorhead, MN. 

Interested in Snow Removal?

Reach out to our team to check for availability in your neighborhood.