Our irrigation technicians are certified to work on residential and commercial properties. Our experienced technicians are backed up by a courteous staff that is available, friendly, and helpful. Below we have also included some basic maintenance videos to some of our most frequently asked questions.

We recommend Rainbird and Hunter systems for their longevity and superior quality.

Maintaining Your System

Sprinkler Start-Up

    • This service is done in the springtime to start up your system, our technician walks through your zones to check for any leaks or breaks, and sets up your watering schedule for the season.

Sprinkler Blowout/Winterization

      • Living where we do, it is important to have your system blown out and prepared for the winter. Forgetting to do this step can cause parts of your system that still have water in them to burst, and cause damage.

Repairs + Adjustments

Leaks/Breaks in the system

    • Though unfortunate, it is common to have a leak or a break even in your system.

Add/Remove Sprinkler Heads

      • This is common with fence installations, landscape additions to your property, concrete slabs being added, or having a deck built.

Water Coverage Needing to be Adjusted


Additional Services

  • Installing a WiFi controller to an existing sprinkler system.

    • Whether you’re on vacation, traveling for work and visiting family, this make it possible to check your controller and make adjustments from anywhere.
  • Burying your sump pump discharge pipe

Our team focuses on servicing and repairing existing systems, we do not install new irrigation systems.

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Helpful DIY Videos