All-Terrain boasts an underground sprinkler division that can service almost any residential or commercial underground sprinkler system. Our experienced technicians are backed up by a courteous office staff that are available, friendly, and helpful.

What we can do for you:

Our Sprinkler Division team is trained in the service, repair, maintenance, and expansion of sprinkler systems.

We recommend Hunter and Rainbird systems for their longevity and superior quality.

Wifi Controllers

We can advise and install wifi controllers that allow a user to remotely control their irrigation system, use local weather conditions and forecasts to run their system more efficiently, view reports on when and how it has run, and check for service issues.

Take a look at this page for more information!

Wifi event – CALL TODAY! 701-280-3125

All Terrain WiFi Controler

System Maintenance

Just need help with the seasonal maintenance? The All-Terrain team can take care of winterizing your sprinkler system to prevent burst lines and other damage over the winter, and we can get it up and running in the Spring.

System repairs

The Sprinkler Division also repairs existing sprinkler systems: everything from a leaky head to replacing underground pipe and everything in between.

As a courtesy to you, we’ve included some basic maintenance videos to some of our most frequently asked questions. These are maintenance services a homeowner may perform on their own.


As All-Terrain Sprinkler Technicians, We Promise…

  1. A full service company that can offer you several other maintenance options if you wish to simplify your life.
  1. A professional staff that will respect you and your property and will “be real” about options and pricing.
  1. A company and division that will stand behind its work. Our growth comes primarily from the referrals of happy customers.
  1. A timely response to your service needs.

Helpful DIY videos: