As we enter the month of giving, we want to tell you about our employee referral program that gives all year long.

Our core values are four items that we hold dear to us year-round and help influence the decisions we make day to day: to be real, our team, customer experience and to give back. This employment referral program has bits of our core values mixed into one program. We are giving back to our team to enhance our customer’s experience with us. There are many reasons to give throughout the year, and it’s always fun when we are able to give back directly to our team.

We appreciate all of our employees, whether they’ve been with us for 7 months or 15 years. From the very beginning, we’ve made strong connections with our employees and have gotten to know them all pretty well. We enjoy and appreciate the work that our team does. We have employees that mention to their family and friends that they enjoy the people, the comradery, and the work that they do. Because of this, one of our strongest forms of recruitment has been referrals from current employees.

With this, we’ve grown our company with people who tend to hold similar values and traits as our current team members. Which is totally awesome, because we already love our team. Our new team members appreciate a company that stands for what it believes in, has core values, and aims to do good through them. It also gives our employees the chance to work with people whom they already know and enjoy being around.

To help separate ourselves from every other business that is “Now Hiring”, we are giving back to our own employees and showing that we appreciate them by thanking them and through the gift of money.

For every new hire, an employee refers, the current employee will receive $250 per pay period (biweekly pay schedule) as long as their referee is employed at All Terrain. The referee must work 30 hours per pay period. If their referee happens to end their employment with All Terrain their program ends. If the referring person leaves All Terrain but the person who was referred remains employed, the amount drops from $250 per pay period to $50 per pay period. 

For every part-time/shoveler, an employee refers, the current employee will receive $3 per hour for every hour their referee works, with the addition of a $15 gift card per part-time/shoveler referral.

The best part of the referral is that it isn’t only open to current employees, it’s also open to past employees as well. Past employees are able to refer friends or family and as long as the referee is working 30 hours per pay period, the referring past employee is eligible to receive $50 per pay period.

If an employee is terminated, they won’t be eligible to continue receiving payment, but if the employee leaves on good terms they are eligible to continue receiving payment as long as their referee is still employed at All Terrain.

We have had different employee referral programs in the past but this one seems to be a team favorite. It’s an easy way to make work fun, all while having the ability to make extra money while you’re doing it too.

If you’re looking for a new job or a career change, think of All Terrain. This is a great place for anyone over the age of 18. We’re flexible with college student schedules and have full-time year-round positions for those wanting long-term positions as well. Once you see how much you enjoy it, don’t be shy and tell your friends about it.

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