Unfortunately, weeds are the most common (and most annoying) obstacle to attaining perfect landscaping. They not only take away from the appearance of your property, but also negatively impact all other plant growth – including keeping your lawn from reaching its full potential.

Weeds are such a nuisance in fact, that All-Terrain has a whole team dedicated to keeping properties weed-free.

We will walk your entire property and hand pull or use post-emergent weed control to eliminate all unwanted weeds.


All Terrain Lawn Maintenance of Fargo, North Dakota offers weed removal servicesWeed Abatement Programs

We understand that every lawn is different, and every lawn owner has a different set of needs. With this in mind, we offer a variety of plans to fit every budget, lawn type, and weed problem.


Weekly Weed Removal

Who it’s for: The lawn owner that has a zero-tolerance policy for weeds.

With our team on site weekly, you can expect your property to be completely weed-free throughout the season.


Biweekly Weed Removal

Who it’s for: The lawn owner who doesn’t mind a few weeds here and there–as long as they’re taken care of before the neighbors notice.

Our most common plan, the Biweekly Weed Removal option, is great for you. Expect to see weeds range from 1-3” tall before they are removed – long before they’re able to get a real foothold in your lawn. By keeping the weeds few and far between, biweekly customers can save money by requiring less manual labor and still maintain an effective, weekly elimination strategy.


Monthly Weed Removal

Who it’s for: The lawn owner who has achieved zen and knows that a few small weeds does not a bad lawn make (as long as they get pulled out before they can take over!)

With the Monthly Weed Removal program, you can anticipate seeing weeds that are 4-6” tall before they are removed.


A note about cost:

If you are teetering between the Biweekly and Monthly Weed Removal packages (or looking for the most budget friendly options), it is important to note that the Monthly Weed Removal package is NOT necessarily the least expensive option.

Due to the increased number of weeds and the time needed to manually extract them, the Biweekly Weed Removal package is the most inexpensive (and efficient) option since we can spot treat them.