Just a quick question, what are some of your favorite things about summer? Going to the lake. Hanging out with family and friends outside and enjoying the hot weather. Going to one of your kid’s baseball games and cheering the team on. 

There are so many things to do in the summer with not enough time to do it all. Our summer and winter seasons aren’t exactly equal when it comes to being even. Summer feels like it’s gone in the blink of an eye, meanwhile our winters last about 8,736 days (just a rough guess). 

So with that being said, how can you make the most out of your summer? Having a wifi controller system installed that you are able to control right from your phone. That’s how. 

The last thing you really want to be at the mercy of your lawn for the summer. The wifi controller app lets you control your irrigation system whether you’re at a soccer game, out of town visiting your in-laws or at Disney with the whole family. 

As home automation continues to grow and customers continue to become more savvy, technology continues to become more easy and beneficial to use. It’s pretty cool to see what else out there is Alexa or Google compatible. Which this is.

We’ve been installing wifi controllers more and more each year, per request. But this page is here to tell you more about what the hype is all about. So if you’re wondering if a wifi controller is for you, let’s go on shall we?




It seems that if you have an automatic underground sprinkler system that you should be able to set their program in the spring and not have to worry or adjust it all. Well we all know that’s not really how it goes. Lawns require so many different amounts of moisture in the spring when it rains, the days are short, and the temps are cool than they do in the dog days of summer when it’s dry, the days are long and the mercury rises. Trying to get a single program to incorporate the variances and variables just isn’t realistic. Until now.

How will a wifi controller help with this? First off, it makes being able to control your sprinkler system anywhere at any time so convenient. Our few hot months are pretty hectic already, so leaving the house in a rush happens a little more often than not. Having to go out to your garage, shed or to wherever your controller is located just see if what program it’s running just got that much easier. Your phone is already in hand (or within arms reach). 

The app is super user friendly and it’s more customizable as to what you can have your system do. You can customize per zone, what days they go off, for how long they run, and how many times a day they’re going for. 

Is the wind blowing more than 15 mph? Let’s skip this watering because it’s just going to get blown around anyway. Heavy rain in the forecast later today? Let’s skip this watering since Mother Nature will take care of it. Is tomorrow going to be 90 degrees? Let’s add 50% to the watering times to ensure a good soaking. Is today’s high only 50 degrees and overcast? Let’s decrease watering times by 25% since we won’t need as much. All right from your phone.

Last, the system also reports on its condition. Did it run last night? Is there an issue that needs service? The system will let you know so you can get a service call in immediately. The app also lets you grant access to family members or landscape technicians/contractors. 

The value and benefits to a home or business owner are immense. Convenient control, automatic adjustments based on weather conditions (if enabled), and status reports/updates, all just on the app right on your phone. It’ll give you that ease of mind when you’re away for the weekend or out on vacation. 

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 701-280-3125 and we’d be happy to visit with you about one, and/or give you a demo. 

All winter installations include a complimentary sprinkler start-up*! Valued at $80.

*Install must be completed by March 15, 2022.