Aeration is one of the best-kept secrets in great lawn care, and tends to go unnoticed among the list of other “flashier” lawn care services.

But the quality of your root system is directly related to the quality of your lawn.

In fact, worrying about fertilizer before you’ve tended to your soil quality is like trying to repair your car by topping it off with a full tank of premium instead of addressing its engine problem.

Similarly, aeration is an invaluable step that addresses the most common root cause of a mediocre lawn, right at its source–and allows it to reap the benefits of the treatments that come after.

So what is aeration?

As your lawn matures, your soil tends to settle, compact and harden. This is particularly true here in the Upper Midwest, where our soil is predominantly made of clay.

As the soil packs down, it keeps water and nutrients from soaking down into the soil, which keeps those vital ingredients from reaching your lawn’s root system.

Aeration relieves the compaction of your soil by putting 2 – 3” holes in your turf so that water and nutrients can reach the root system of your lawn, restoring a healthy environment for root development and oxygen exchange–important factors in developing the kind of gorgeous lawn that your family can enjoy all season long.


Aeration Improves…

    • Oxygen exchange from soil to atmosphere for healthier roots
    • Treatment effectiveness by increasing fertilizer’s ability to reach the root system
    • Healthy roots below ground which is critical for a healthy lawn above
    • Lawn longevity by increasing your turf’s tolerance to heat, drought and disease
    • Overseeding effectiveness by allowing direct seed-to-soil contact

Aeration + Overseeding for a gorgeous lawn

All Terrain of Fargo, North Dakota for aeration and overseeding process to have lush green lawnsAeration can also pave the way for significantly increased lawn thickness by creating the perfect canvas for “overseeding” – the process of spreading grass seed over an existing lawn.

When you overseed a freshly aerated lawn, much of the seed will naturally fall into the holes created by the aeration, making direct contact with the soil, instead of just laying on top.

You’ll see germination within days; after a couple of weeks, you’ll have a noticeably thicker lawn.

Lawn of the year, anyone?