Merry Christmas and Company Culture at All-Terrain

Written by Ryan Such, President

It’s once again the Christmas season, it’s the time of year we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and also celebrate and spend time with family and loved ones.

With Christmas also comes my favorite thing to do every year – handing out bonuses to the team. One of our values is team and we love to give them part of the profit in how our company does. This in turn helps the team in caring about the customer’s experience (another value) and doing a great job no matter what the service. As a company we mostly grow off of employing workers referred from team members, which equals a team that knows each other and works well together.

Another one of our values is giving back. We try to give back in many ways in the community throughout the year. Part of our giving back program allows team members that have been working at All-Terrain for a year to donate money to a charity/organization of their choice.

Our last value is being real. Being real doesn’t always work out the way we intend and there are days where I wonder how well this value resonates with our team. But I will say our team continues in making great process and understanding this value. Being honest and real brings us all closer together to work as a team.  All of our employees work hard in living out our values and this continues to show up in many ways.

We want to thank you for your business and providing us with work this year. Because of you we have jobs and a way to provide for our families, which is definitely something to celebrate! We have enjoyed working with you and hope 2020 has been a great year for you.  Here’s to 2021!