Weeds are an unavoidable nuisance: at some point, every lawn owner has to deal with them… But if you stick with our team of experienced, licensed applicators, an unsightly lawn is one thing you’ll never have to worry about again.

Safe, effective, lawn care

You want a great lawn – but what’s the point in having one if you can’t enjoy it? As an All-Terrain customer, you can rest assured that your lawn is safe for the whole family – from the smallest humans to your four-legged friends. Our custom-blended environmentally-friendly formulas consist of three key ingredients:

  • A nitrogen-based, phosphorus-free fertilizer
  • A family-friendly broadleaf weed killer
  • And an iron compound designed to deepen the green color of your lawn


Lawn-care plans made easy

Wondering where to start?  We understand that every lawn is unique, so we created three customized treatment plans to fit the needs of any lawn.

The Basic Plan (2 Treatments)

Who it’s for:  Designed for the lawn owner who wants to keep their lawn from becoming the topic of neighborhood gossip.

What it includes: This program consists of two treatments during the broadleaf weeds’ most active growing seasons.

  • Application 1: Spring (usually sometime in May)
  • Application 2: Fall (usually in September or early October)

The Basic Plan’s two treatment applications are usually sufficient to keep the worst of your lawn’s weeds at bay, however it does leave a three-month window where weeds can regerminate in your lawn, meaning that they are never fully eradicated. Nevertheless, it’s a great budget option, and the Fall application will keep the weed regrowth from taking over.  Too much weed regermination for your taste? We recommend checking out the Complete Plan below.

The Complete Plan (3 Treatments)

Who it’s for: Our most popular plan, the Complete is for the lawn owner who has little tolerance for weeds and wants a lush, green lawn without having to spend all summer standing outside watering it.

What it includes: This program consists of three applications spaced just right to keep broadleaf weeds at bay and keep your grass looking great throughout the summer.

  • Application 1: Spring (usually in May)
  • Application 2: Early Summer (usually mid-June or early July)
  • Application 3: Fall (usually September or early October)

By shortening the time between treatments to about 5 weeks, the Complete Plan’s midsummer application knocks out any broadleaf weeds that try to sneak back into your lawn throughout the summer.

The Deluxe Plan (4 Treatments)

Who it’s for: Designed for the most ardent lawn-lovers among us. You know who you are. If you have installed irrigation for your lawn (or are a committed waterer) and want the most gorgeous, green lawn in the neighborhood, this one’s for you.

What it includes: The Deluxe program consists of four treatments for ultimate weed control and the most vibrant lawn on the block.

  • Application 1: Spring (usually in May)
  • Application 2: Early Summer (usually in mid-June to early July)
  • Application 3: Mid-Summer (usually in early- to mid-August)
  • Application 4: Fall (usually in September or early October)

The ultimate in weed control, the Deluxe plan’s third treatment targets grassy weeds, like barnyardgrass and foxtail, which are prevalent and treatable that time of year, making your lawn a truly weed-free zone.

Pre-Pay and Save

Having a plan makes things run even smoother for everyone. To reward our early-bird clients, we offer a pre-pay discount of 5% for Complete and Deluxe plans paid in full by March 31st.

Our Guarantee

We stand by our work. We guarantee each treatment’s effectiveness against broadleaf weeds. If you feel that a treatment didn’t prove effective, just let us know and we will retreat your lawn (at no charge, of course!).