TREES! Winter into very early spring is often the best time to prune leafy trees. There are two main types of tree pruning that we at All Terrain do: raising and structural. See below for more information and the differences between the two!

RAISING – “Raising” a tree means pruning low-growing branches to allow for clearance above sidewalks, parking areas, and driving lanes. Typically we “raise” branches to 9′ above sidewalks and 13′ above driving lanes. This service is a fairly simple, cost-effective way to ensure safety around trees for both people and the tree alike.

STRUCTURAL – Structural pruning is more involved than raising, but it is just as important and beneficial to all concerned. Structural pruning involves removing dead, diseased, dying or damaged branches, branches that are growing across one another, and overall  shaping the tree to ensure proper growth.

See the links below to our blog posts for more information on our pruning team, tips for pruning, and the benefits to YOU of pruning your trees!