Lawn Treatments – Liquid vs. Granular

Written by Matt Langemo

A common question we get each year is, “All-Terrain, how are you guys so awesome?” and the answer is a long list of reasons lead by our clever blog posts like this one. Another common question we get is, “Do you guys do granular or dry lawn treatments, or are they a liquid spray?”

As a company, all our treatments are liquid, and here are the leading reasons why:

1. Liquid treatments are efficient to apply, which keeps the cost reasonable for our customers. We mix our own formula at our shop each morning so it is tailored to the season, soil conditions, and weeds. Once our tanks are filled, we can work for several hours without stopping, and service dozens of customers. We do not need to stop at each customer and load a spreader or trailer with a second piece of equipment. This efficiency allows us to keep our rates competitive while delivering an excellent, tailored product to our customers.

2. Liquid treatments absorb into the soil faster, delivering a more immediate result. Our customers pay us for results, and the sooner we can deliver them the happier our customers are. Quick absorption also allows our customers to enjoy their yard sooner than having granular or dry fertilizer on top for days or weeks. Once the treatments dry or are absorbed there isn’t a danger of them getting on clothing or animal paws.

3. The fertilizer product is about the same, but liquid weed control is a significantly better product than its dry counterpart. Since we use a simple, high-nitrogen macro fertilizer, there isn’t a huge difference between the liquid and granular versions. But the liquid version of weed control is noticeably better because the liquid either sticks to more of the weed leaves or gets absorbed by the roots. Either way, the weeds ingest the herbicide and you’ll soon not have to worry about them anymore!

So there you go! In our opinion, for the sake of efficiency, safety, and the quality of product, it makes sense for us to use liquid treatments. To see more information on our weed control and fertilizer division, click here!