The All Terrain Training Indoor Center

When we say the ATTIC, do you think we mean an actual attic?

A part of our story and what our team stands for is to give back. Now, what does the ATTIC have to do with that?

First things first, the ATTIC stands for All Terrain Training Indoor Center. Now that you know that, let’s get into it.

There’s a connection between All Terrain and the beginning of Fargo Youth Baseball, and it’s Ryan Such. Growing up, Ryan played both hockey and baseball. He appreciated and enjoyed both sports equally but it seems that his baseball story seemed to reopen later in life in a different way than before.

One of All Terrain’s four core values is to give back, we believe that we’ve been blessed and want to continue giving that blessed feeling back onto our community. Ryan felt the importance of giving back and decided to be involved in our community in an area that he is passionate about. This is where his baseball story came back up to bat.

What better organization to give back than one focused on our community’s youth?

Ryan served as the president of Fargo Youth Baseball from 2014 to 2019. When he began, it was known as Fargo Little League. A lot can happen in 5 years. During his time, Ryan also served as the project manager for multiple renovation projects like Tharaldson Little League Complex, Starion Field (this happens to be Fargo’s first and only turfed field), and the ATTIC.

One of the fondest memories of being President of FYB was merging the area’s youth baseball into one organization and to be able to provide some better facilities so the kids could have a better experience. 



“Youth Sports should be about the life lessons that are taught during the process, not about college scholarships, too many people mix up which are more valuable.”





What is your favorite memory related to baseball?

“The teams I was on and the friendships that I developed from those teams have been a positive thing in my life.”

Favorite baseball player?

I am a Red Sox fan, who doesn’t love Big Papi? (David Ortiz)

Ever hit any home runs?

Yes, I hit a few. I never saw a pitch I didn’t like. As a leadoff hitter, my coach said, “It’s okay to get walked every now and again.” How boring, you learn more from swinging.

What’s the most rewarding part of being a sponsor to Fargo Youth Baseball?

“Just being able to give back into a community and a sport that has taught me so much is something I am thankful for. I learned a lot being involved in youth sports and development of facilities that no degree could provide.”




The ATTIC is proudly sponsored by All Terrain Grounds Maintenance. It is an 11,000 square foot indoor practice facility and is the headquarters of Fargo Youth Baseball. Inside the practice facility is a fully turfed infield, 6 pull-out batting cages, pitching mounds, and hitting equipment.

It includes The Upper Deck where parents can lounge and watch their player practice, a mezzanine for birthday parties, and a place for kids to hang out, play bubble hockey, and Big Buck Hunter.

All Terrain is also the sponsor of the Northwest Field located at Tharaldson Little League Complex. The All Terrain Field has its own Green Monster like the one at Fenway Park.