By the time spring rolls around, Fargo’s youth baseball players will be conditioned, well-acquainted and ready to play ball. Most would consider practices in the winter to be limited to lifting weights or finding unconventional indoor locations for some catch. After January 30, year-round practices in a facility solely committed to America’s favorite pastime will be the norm in Fargo.

The ATTIC (All-Terrain Training Indoor Center) will formally open at the end of January. A dream shared by players, coaches, board members, and donors for nearly two years will be realized as weather will no longer be a factor in the start of a new practice season.

“We realized there is a big need for indoor turf space where kids can practice year-round,” stated Ryan Such, Owner, All-Terrain Grounds Maintenance. “We wanted to create something that had a full infield and was very family friendly for people to come.”

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on August 7, 2017, for the 11,000-square foot facility. The ATTIC includes 9,000 square feet of practice space. It will be open Monday through Saturday9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. by appointment and available for one or two teams at a time, depending on their needs.  Although the primary consideration for an indoor facility for an outdoor sport would be its functionality in the winter, the ATTIC can be equally useful in the summer.

“Our goals for the summer inside the facility would be to keep it available for pre-game warmups, individual and team practices, birthday parties, player development camps, and other events,” said Alex Sumner, Executive Director, Fargo Youth Baseball.

Regardless of the conditions outside, Such hopes that the facility is a focal point for which our community can share in the love of baseball.

“I am super excited that All-Terrain is able to partner in the form of naming rights for the indoor facility,” Such explained. “I am thankful we have the resources to do that and make an impact for the youth of our community.”

Within the ATTIC, the infield is fully turfed, there are six pull-out batting cages, pitching mounds, and hitting equipment. A unique feature that will be included is the Green Monster on the south wall of the building. Additional features of the ATTIC include free WiFi, a parents lounge called the Upper Deck, and free Big Buck Hunter and Bubble Hockey. Parents can watch outdoor games or indoor practices from inside the Upper Deck.

“The whole point is for it to be used often. The 1,200 kids in Fargo Youth Baseball will be using it often and we are excited about expanded opportunities with the Challenger Program and other baseball and softball organizations. We hope that parents enjoy their experience there with their families,” Such added.

The ATTIC is located at 1892 17th Avenue South, Fargo, ND 58103. To reserve space as a Fargo Youth Baseball member or even a non-member, please visit or call 701-232-9225.