By Ryan Such
At All-Terrain, one of the parts of my job is to figure out “what’s next.” What is the next thing that we need to focus on to deliver a better product to our customers?

Over the years, “what’s next” has lead us to great improvements in technology and how we use it, our ability to answer the phone and get back to people, and intentional improvements in our team and our culture. Most of those ideas of “what’s next” were relatively obvious to us because they were things on which we needed to improve. This time around, I was stuck in regard to what should be “what’s next.” I reached out to our team for some help. I wasn’t expecting the answer I got, but after I thought about it, it was humbling as they were 100% correct.

The answer is All-Terrain University (ATU). We are doing an intentional effort to teach and equip our team with the tools to help them succeed at their jobs and hopefully, along the way get a little better at life in general. Now it’s not like we haven’t been training and educating here in the past, but we have decided to take it to a whole new level.

We are just finishing up a remodel where we installed a classroom and training center for our team. Our classes for ATU will start at the end of February and our team is really excited. What excites me is that I work with a team that genuinely wants to get better at what they do. It’s not the norm in our industry for a team to overwhelmingly say that they want to “go to school.”

The “what’s next” for All-Terrain is the “what’s next” that I am most excited about, not only because I know we will be able to deliver a better product to our customers in the future, but that I work with a team that when given any option chose one of intentionally bettering themselves.