“Raise your hand if you’re thinking about summer!” I ask to nobody but you the reader. Is your hand raised? Mine was, at least for a moment before I needed to put it back on the keyboard to finish typing this sentence.

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At All-Terrain, one of the things this year we’re getting most excited about is installing more wifi sprinkler controllers. As home automation continues to grow and customers continue to become more savvy on how they use their resources, we’re excited about the interest that wifi sprinkler controllers are getting.

We’ve been installing them for a couple of years by request, but we’d like to use this blog to introduce you to them if you haven’t met them yet. So for those of you who want a sprinkler system you can “set it and forget it”, read on!

It seems many customers right now who have automatic underground sprinkler systems think they should be able to set their program in the spring for the year, and not have to adjust it at all. While that sounds like a utopic situation, we know that isn’t actually the case. Lawns require much different amounts of moisture in the spring when it rains, the days are short, and the temps are cool than they do in the dog days of summer when it’s dry, the days are long and the mercury rises. Trying to get a single program to incorporate the variances and variables just isn’t realistic. Until now.

What will a wifi controller do for you? First off, it makes being able to control your sprinkler system anywhere at anytime extremely convenient. No more going out to your garage, shed, or outside of the house and trying to remember how the darn thing works. Which program am I on? How do I check which days I’m watering? You can see all that right from your phone or tablet.

But more importantly, you can set the controller up with certain “rules” that work with local forecasts and/or current conditions to adjust the watering schedule and times so you’re getting the biggest bang for your watering buck.

Is the wind blowing more than 15mph? Let’s skip this watering because it’s just going to get blown around and miss spots anyway. Heavy rain in the forecast later today? Let’s skip this watering since Mother Nature will take care of it. Is tomorrow going to be 90 degrees? Let’s add 50% to the watering times to ensure a good soaking. Is today’s high only 50 degrees and overcast? Let’s decrease watering times by 25% since we won’t need as much.

Last, the system also reports on its condition. Did it run last night? You can know. Is there an issue that needs service? The system will let you know so you can get a service call in immediately.

The value and benefits to a home or business owner are immense. Convenient control, automatic adjustments based on weather conditions, and status reports/updates, all in the palm of your hand.

If you haven’t looked into a smart wifi controller yet, please give us a call and we’d be happy to visit with you about one, and/or give you a demo. Our phone number is 701-280-3125, or email office@allterrainfargo.com.

Here’s a link with some more info and some videos on wifi controllers: https://www.allterrainfargo.com/winter-wifi-event/

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